Too Much Homework In High School

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Worse yet, I think, it puts a great deal of stress on our parents. Our parents have to figure out how to do the assignment and then teach it to us.

Many of the projects and activities are too difficult to be done without our parents' help.

These students are not always procrastinators—they just simply cannot do it all.

Additionally, some teachers assign homework before a test day.

Second, homework should not exceed two hours per night.

Again, Cooper provides recommendations about the length of homework. 90): If we assume that we know how to do the homework we are assigned, we should be able to complete it in a reasonable amount of time.My parents are both professors in the educational psychology and special education fields, so I have heard their views on education all my life.One area that has prompted much discussion in our household surrounds the use of homework, particularly since I entered high school.Now add on three or more hours of homework a night and you have instant stress, not only for students but also for their families.I have known my peers to stay up until midnight trying to finish their homework on top of everything else they have to do in their busy lives.Two recommendations stood out for me: Many of the homework assignments I have received throughout my years of schooling have involved activities not previously practiced.When a teacher assigns homework incorporating information that was just recently taught or not taught at all, it puts a tremendous amount of stress on students.Students name several reasons why they feel overloaded: regular stressful situations, lack of time, and worsening relationships with their family members. ” It is true when it comes to learning, traveling, reading, observing the world around, and developing. Contact professional online homework writing services to gain extra time to spend at home with your family & friends!For years I have never fully understood my parents' celebrations of or concerns about my education.They have strong opinions about everything from the curricula used in my classes to how instruction is provided.


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