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Since IB prescribes 1400-1600 word limit thus between the limits of above 1200 and below 1600 words, let us work with a desirable range of 1450-1550 words.

Pick an ideal 3 AOK ‘Areas of knowledge’, 3 WOK ‘Ways of knowing’, and in no case any less than 2 of each.

You should demonstrate independent thinking, various examples that support your thesis, perspective that is different and captivating and self-awareness on the matter.

The analysis of the TOK essay will require depth and insight, justified main points, implications and assumptions, and arguments as well as counter arguments.

Step 1: You can do the TOK presentation alone, in pairs or in groups of three. If you do it alone, there is more freedom, but with more people you have more time. Make sure that your KQ is specifically about knowledge. Build a conclusion that is significant to your RLS and to other related RLSs.

The same real-life situation and knowledge question can be used only once during one session! They help you to do your development and conclusion. Make sure that you keep your focus on your KQ and explore the KQ in context of your RLS with effective claims/counter-claims, arguments/counter-arguments, perspectives, WOKs, AOKs, TOK terminology, facts and information.

Each claim /argument has to be balanced with a counter claim / counter argument.

So, with 3 AOK, 3 WOK, and for each claim and counterclaim, you will need 6-7 paragraphs of 150-200 words each.

If the essay specifically requires only 2 AOK, then use 3-WOK to attain depth of the argument.

The very essential “ Introduction” and “ conclusion” for the Essay will take up 150-200 words each, so the main body will have minimum of 1000-1200 words.


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