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From the other side, the adults who already got used to take racial prejudices as granted, have to re-think them over while answering to the kids.Here we will have a brief look through the main racism quotes in “To kill a Mockingbird”.Also, Atticus mocks the society itself, saying that incest with her old Uncle was absolutely okay for the people until they maintain a picture of a good family, but a woman, kissing – just kissing! He hopes that the audience will be caught into a paradox – it is Mayella who broke the rules, but Tom, as an obedient black man, was following them obeying the white mistress. But still it is remarkable, though quite controversial, try to talk with racists in their language for the greater good.“She was white, and she tempted a Negro.

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The questions about race are raised very often in the book.

From the one side the children, who are still innocent and unaware about such prejudices ask outright armor-piercing questions.

She is the white one and she should be in charge, but she decided to tempt a black man who, due to common worldview, can’t refuse, because he isn’t quite a person.

Find the best writing service online and let them make your grades better. Actually, we see a brilliant attempt to hijack the social beliefs, using them against themselves.

The black blood is considered filth that spoils everyone who has even a drop of it and gives others the right to treat them as inferiors.

They can be perfectly sweet and good people, they can’t even know that they had black people in their lineage (that is fully possible, even if long ago), but still it is a dark secret that may ruin their life if revealed.

Soon both Scout and her brother Jem experience racism themselves.

It is quite a strange thing for two white children from a good family to be shunned away because of the skin color, so this reversal makes them both feel weird and strangely offended for nothing, for some trait that they are not responsible of and didn’t have a chance to choose by themselves.

So immediately after the example of racism the siblings see the restoration of justice. But suddenly they understand that the actual skin color doesn’t matter.

The kids continue to investigate the nature of racism and the next questions they encounter are: why the people who don’t look black are considered such? It is something much more subtle, that can’t be measured.


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