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Diction refers the choice of words used by a writer.Excellent diction means that the words in an essay are specific, varied, and rhythmically attuned to the sentence and paragraph, while also reflecting the work as a whole.Rather than writing “Author (Year) says that this argument is sound,” replace “says” with “states,” for an immediate improvement: “Author (Year) states that this argument is sound.” A statement is pretty straightforward in terms of connotation, and a relatively neutral way to introduce someone’s idea.

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Writing a short note, or even a text message, can help sum up any insights or epiphanies in a succinct and useful way.

For example, if the prompt asks for an essay about the American civil war, one might come up with a few words or ideas that could be developed further: Lincoln’s presidency, speeches, impact of slavery, North vs.

By choosing words carefully, an appropriate message can be delivered to the reader in a package that feels familiar, yet remains lively and unique.

When writing an essay, you work within a specific genre; however, avoiding clichés and tired phraseology is also important in order to present ideas in an innovative way.

It is important to write in a space that is comfortable, convenient, and free from distractions.

A quiet library can be an excellent place to research and write a paper.South, union and confederate forces, economic differences, battles, generals.Starting early will allow you to gather and digest resources pertaining to your topic and refine your thesis until it is specific, unique, and interesting.A colon is also used to further explain a topic, and to begin a list.There are many reasons colons are important: they separate the topic of a list from its items, they can lead into an explanation, and they can introduce quotations. However, there are some general tips that can be applied to improve almost any type of writing.When writing professional or high level academic material, one must maintain a consistent tone and a command of diction.For example: The second half of the sentence is an independent thought, with a subject and predicate; it explains the first half of the sentence through elaboration.This is often the way that semi-colons are used, though dashes and periods can also be used and the sentence(s) will generally remain grammatically correct.The best way to start early is to begin by brainstorming the topic or prompt.The brainstorm can take the form of writing lists of ideas, drawing diagrams, using a whiteboard, recording your thoughts, discussing ideas with a peer or mentor, or simply taking a walk and pondering the relevant issues, making sure to take mental or written notes.


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