Tips For Writing Application Cover Letters

Now, if a CV were a full-length film about your career, the resume would be the trailer: It’s much shorter – preferably one but never more than two pages – and changes as you have to tailor it to the job you’re applying for.

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If you would like your border to be see-through, simply adjust the opacity of the rectangle.

A border is a simple way to add some creativity to your cover letter, while still maintaining a more traditional design.

, North Americans usually prefer resumes (unless it’s requested otherwise or you apply for an academic or research-oriented job), while recruiters and employers in the UK, Ireland, Europe, and New Zealand generally only use CVs.

To make things a little easier, Australians, Indians, and South Africans use the terms interchangeably and, as a rule of thumb, resumes seem to be preferred in the private sector whereas CVs are used for public service positions.

If you can, have a native speaker, who knows a thing or two about grammar, style, and applications, go over the documents.

If you want to apply for a job in a certain country and are willing to do whatever it takes, hiring a local professional resume writer might be a good investment.

(This is usually not because you’re not photogenic but for legal reasons, as employers don’t want to risk being accused of discrimination based on appearance.) If you’re not sure about the photo, you can always add your (, an online tool that will help you get all of the necessary documents to show off your skills and qualifications in an easy-to-understand way that also includes templates for your CV and cover letter. In a lot of European countries, you are expected to share your age (date of birth), marital status and even the number of children, which would be an absolute deal breaker in the United States (so don’t do it! Other important details that are different from country to country are the inclusion (or omission) of a career objective, references, Let’s focus on even more details: You’ll score major points when you add the country code to your phone number and maybe even mention the time difference.

When you do your research, pay particular attention to the details that can make or break an application before anyone even reads about your achievements and experience: In Germany, for example, you have to sign and date your CV at the bottom. The same goes for getting the date right (order of month, day, and year), and choose the correct paper format (in case the application gets printed).

An easy and eye-catching approach is to use a background image for your border.

Look for an image that reflects your skills, your hobbies or passions, or the industry you’re in or applying for.


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