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(West III, n.d.) The story was written between 19 that witnessed the course and end of World War I. He returned alive from the war but many contemporaries did not.

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Monsignor Darcy passes away in the summertime which leaves Blaine heartbroken. Blaine liked to write and eventually was a part of Princeton’s school paper. Blaine also never knew what he had until it was gone, and he took almost everything for granted.

Also in the summertime, his family leaves him with no money and Blaine decides to walk back to Princeton where he eventually arrives and suddenly misses Rosalind even after she broke his heart. Another difference between us is Amory never acted happy even if he was, I am always happy and I don’t normally let things get to me unlike Amory Blaine.

Amory’s relationship with women is shortlived and dissatisfying.

The problem lies in his egotist character or in his inability to satisfy the ambition of the woman he loves.

This again ends disastrously as Rosalind prefers a richer man.

This is not a suitable background for any side of paradise. He was also a Princeton student and had close hand view of the aspirations and blasé they experienced.Make sure to take a look at other sample papers, articles and topic ideas at our blog.They are created by our professional authors and provided absolutely for free.The reason I decided to read this book was because I read F. I thought that The Great Gatsby was interesting and the title of This Side of Paradise caught my eye.At first I thought This Side of Paradise was boring I didn’t think the plot was going to get better, but I was wrong.Amory Blaine eventually gets a job in New York advertising but in the end he loses his friends and almost everything.This story was basically about following the life of Amory Blaine.Brooke’s focus is on another world when he wrote Tiare Tahiti, undoubtedly the life hereafter.These lines in the poem: “Hard for us to understand.It starts out following him through his childhood and the book ends around the age of 24. Regis prep school and eventually ends up in World War 2 then quitting his advertising job in New York City.One of the only people Amory trusted all his life was a man named Monsignor Darcy, who Blaine considered a friend and father figure.


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