Things Fall Apart Tragedy Essay

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Okonkwo had played up a tough persona to make sure everyone had this ideal image of this tough leader, everything that his Father was not. In contrast, to Macbeth, Okonkwo has no respect towards women or his wives.

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Hamartia is the hero 's tragic flaw, it often gets in the way of their success.

Anagnorisis is the turning point for the character, they often come to realization of something important and meaningful.

You may think of superheroes, a significant figure in your life or anyone else who generally brings greatness about the world.

A tragic hero on the other hand is a character who has a flaw that eventually helps aid to their downfall as a tragic hero.

The clan of Umuofia would not go to war with Okonkwo . Okonkwo 's downfall was a domino effect, his actions of violence towards others had truly helped aid to his downfall as a tragic hero.

Things Fall Apart Tragedy Essay

There new life had already begun its path to much had changed within the seven years of his exile, when he returned he was livid and immediately wanted to revolt. His downfall could include when he was sent to exile for seven years and also his suicide.He had committed suicide due to the fact that outsiders had came from different parts of the world and tried to change everything he once knew.Okonkwo wanted to fight for the old ways that Umofia had once had but the clan of Umofia as well as the people were all something that they once were not.Although he had not obtained the highest position of society he had been ranked General of King Duncan, Macbeth’s position in society was elite compared to just average citizens.Macbeth 's tragic flaw is his thirst for power.This alone had played a huge factor to his downfall as a tragic hero. The choices Macbeth had made had resulted in his death by Macduff. Both Macbeth and Okonkwo have their similarities and their differences but they are both truly tragic heros. This aided towards Okonkwo’s depression and eventually his suicide.Macbeth does occupy a high status, many of the people in the play had shown great respect for him as an individual.In the novel Things Fall Apart written by Chinua Achebe and Macbeth written by Shakespeare, we meet two prime examples of tragic heros.The elements of a tragic hero include hamartia, anagnorisis and the tragic downfall.


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