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This particular novel is full of Achebe’s native Igbo oral tradition and such is the topic of this essay.The oral tradition is manifested in this novel in many facets.Achebe uses both translated and un-translated songs in the novel which is quite interesting considering that the entire novel was written originally in English.

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Nwakibie uses a proverb to describe his wise and careful attitude toward those who would borrow from him.

He says, “Eneke the bird says that since men have learned to shoot without missing, he has learned to fly without perching” (Achebe 22).

Achebe also includes traditional songs in his novel.

These songs are scattered throughout and give the novel a much more traditional African feel.

has published more than ten million copies and can be read in fifty languages.

This novel is an incredible hallmark of African literature for several reasons.

More importantly, the novel presents a vivid illustration of African culture.

African culture has only recently become more literate since it was primarily an oral culture.

This proverb uses natural imagery to compliment the process of making (or breaking) covenants, in this case between Nwakibie and Okonkwo.

Some of the proverbs use local myths or mythical characters to illustrate a point.


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