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We to do something, but end up doing something else that feels better.

We procrastinate in order to relieve negative emotions. You face an uncomfortable task, negative thoughts and emotions pop up, you want to get rid of them, and end up avoiding the task in order to relieve tension and negativity.

Whatever the case, you’re here to learn something about procrastination – and I want to deliver, BIG time!

This massive article (almost 20,000 words) is my attempt at summarizing the most important concepts, truths, tactics, and research findings about procrastination.

White -- Procrastination and the extended will / Joseph Heath & Joel Anderson -- Procrastination and the law / Manuel A.

Procrastination – sometimes called the thief of time – robs us of much more than just time.My goal is to compile a list containing all of the best strategies to overcome procrastination. My aim is to keep updating the list, so if you find any interesting research not mentioned here, please let me know.A couple of notes before we dive in: Oh, and before I forget: I’ve also created a beautiful PDF version of this article along with a handy checklist referencing all 33 strategies.We’ll look at why and how you procrastinate, some common myths, and other helpful insights.We are just laying the groundwork here, before getting into more specific strategies in the next parts. It happens when we’re facing an uncomfortable task and inevitably encounter some negative emotions – boredom, anxiety, overwhelm, frustration.We don’t know how to deal with negative emotions and use procrastination as our coping mechanism.It’s always the same story, whether we’re conscious of what’s happening or not.Baker -- Overcoming procrastination through planning / Frank Wieber & Peter M.Gollwitzer -- Coping with procrastination / Chrisoula Andreou -- Resisting procrastination : kantian autonomy and the role of the will / Mark D.I sometimes jokingly say that I used to be the second worst procrastinator in the world, with my little brother undisputedly holding the #1 spot.I was the type of guy who woke up in the morning, procrastinated on getting out of bed by religiously hitting the snooze button, felt guilty about sleeping in, procrastinated some more on what I had intended to do, filled the time with useless activities, started feeling even more guilty, and then drowned myself in distractions (mostly online gaming) in order to run away from the negative feelings.


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