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This topic is part of "Preparing to Run Siebel Assignment Manager".

Before running Siebel Assignment Manager components, you must first make sure that the Siebel Server can start one or more multithreaded components by checking the Assignment Manager and Server Request Broker server components.

For more information about configuring parameters for server components, see Note: Updated values for most of the parameters listed in Table 9-1 take effect when assignment rules are released and the file is updated, or when the component is restarted.

(Updated values also take effect if the Siebel Server is restarted.) If you restarted the Siebel Server, then the specified number of Assignment Manager components will be started, using the value of Min MTServers.

Defines the frequency of time Assignment Manager checks whether the rule version has changed.

This value also represents the time lag before the new rules take effect, after the Release button has been clicked.

You must set the same values for the Active Emp LOVCode and Active Pos Where Clause parameters consistently among Asgn Srvr, Asgn Batch, and the workflow policy program (if used). For more information about this parameter, see "Additional Information About Assignment Manager and Batch Assignment Component Parameters".

The key value used when Assignment Manager is running in delta reporting mode to identify candidates by this key value in the actual result table.

What’s more, you own the system — and the value it adds to your business — and you can make adjustments as you grow and evolve, scaling it up to support expanding teams and seamlessly integrating it with other third-party solutions.

In short, with custom software, you’re always in control.


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