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As part of the design of the modification of nanoporous platforms with polymer brushes, PMAA brushes were grafted from flat silicon surfaces using surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization (SI-ATRP).Chapter 4 describes growth kinetics of the p H-responsive polymer layers were investigated in mixtures of water and methanol with different ratios.Besides for the support of the lipid bilayer, the PMAA chains were functionalized with nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) for immobilization of His-tagged membrane proteins.

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The shift is due to ion confinement effects in the dense brush, and brings the conformational switching of PMAA brushes closer to physiological conditions.

This is relevant for biologically oriented applications in miniaturized devices with rapid response times.

Students have to prepare the draft of the thesis by the fourth week of the semester.

Based on this draft the Consultant composes the specification sheet of thesis, which contains the final title, 3-5 bullet points about the content, name of the External Supervisor and Final Examination subjects.

If the amount of consultations or the progress of the documentation is not suitable, the thesis cannot be submitted!

Topic and title of the thesis should be determined in cooperation with the supervisors.

The functionalized pores had higher electrical resistance when the brush was in a neutral state and lower resistance when the brush was charged.

The results of these measurements, combined with diffusion experiments using a fluorescent dye to investigate mechanical gating, demonstrated the controlled transport of ions and small molecules across the pores.

Several properties of the smart PMAA brush contributed to the functionality of such protein assays.

Controlled transport of ions and molecules through nanopores, support of pore-spanning artificial lipid bilayers and positioning of membrane proteins over the pores were achieved with the explored PMAA-brush functionalized platforms.


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