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Harriet Jacobs' Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl A recurring theme in, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, is Harriet Jacobs's reflections on what slavery meant to her as well as all women in bondage.Continuously, Jacobs expresses her deep hatred of slavery, and all of its implications.Black and white women are fictionalized and objectified in the slave narrative.

Harriet Jacobs' Incidents in the Life of A Slave Girl, brought the sexual oppression of captive black women into the public and political arena.

Harriet Jacobs takes a great risk writing her trials as a house servant in the south and a fugitive in the north.

The way Jacobs describes the importance of the women in her life is inspiring, given that, at the time they had such little power and such few rights. Flint, like many southern women, was totally deficient in energy.

She had not the strength to superintend her household affairs; but her nerves were so strong, that she could sit in her easy chair and see a woman whipped, till the blood trickled from every stroke of the lash” (Jacobs 360). Flint perfectly captures what all women in the south were like.

This portrays an excellent example to Northern women how serious slavery can affect a person. The mistress did not help either; in fact she made it worse for the slave women by displacing her anger towards her husband on the slaves. Flint would punish or put them to death, the mistress would mocks the mother.

Slave owners could completely ruin the lives of slave women and their children with such ease and that is disgusting. “The girl’s mother said, ‘The baby is dead, thank God; and I hope my poor child will soon be in heaven, too.’ ‘Heaven! ‘There is no such place for the like of her and her bastard’” (Jacobs 361).

The way she wrote the story does not seem as though she is emotionally connected.

Perhaps she was desensitized to such topics due to From learning this we know Harriet is not in for a good future with this family.

As if we do not know enough about how terrible slavery is, this story gives detailed examples of the lives of slaves and provokes an incredible amount of emotions.

She uses several tactics in her writing to reach her desired audience and does so very well.


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