Thesis Statement About Bilingualism

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Such people can think beyond labels, symbols, and language structure because their minds are not restrained to think in a single language.➜ While conversing with others, a bilingual will automatically switch to the language which is understood by the listener so as to ease the flow of communication.

Whereas, monolinguals would be forced to converse in the only language they know.➜ Being bilingual has a positive effect on intellectual growth as well.

Individuals who are proficient in a foreign language can work as translators, diplomats, teachers, doctors, etc.

Employing bilinguals also helps in exploring new avenues and pooling in new clients from around the word.

It has been widely reported that the majority of individuals who speak two languages with fluency have the ability to do this because it has become somewhat of a second nature to them as a result of the need to learn the second language due to family needs, employment changes, or educational demands.

However, as a whole, the population has been hesitant to embrace bilingualism in the past. The first type of fear described by the population concerns that of societal pressure.These scholars used the term 'incipient bilingualism' to describe a person who is at the beginning stages of acquiring a new language and only has a small amount of fluency in both languages.They used the term 'balanced bilingualism' to describe individuals who have an equal amount of competence in two languages, both the new language and their native tongue (Bilingualism and translanguaging).There is the ability to communicate information needed that could be of importance, such as asking for directions or requesting the phone number for the nearest physician or hospital.Any individual with the ability to speak fluently in another language automatically has an advantage if ever put into that cultural environment because he is able to survive much easier simply because the communication barrier has been lowered and there is less chance of an issue arising due to problems with different meanings of phrases or different connotations of words being used to describe certain objects or people.While coming up with the words, bilinguals will think in both languages and thereafter choose the most appropriate options.Monolinguals on the other hand utilize their limited reservoir of words.➜ General reasoning and ability to conceptualize among bilinguals improves drastically when advanced linguistic skills such as code-switching, accent neutralization, and syntax appropriation are acquired.A good majority of second and third generation Americans who have different cultural backgrounds and had parents or grandparents who were immigrants from Mexico or other such countries actually can be classified as being balanced bilinguals because they are proficient in both languages and can use these in any kind of setting when the need arises.This paper intends to explore the benefits of bilingualism, the challenges of bilingualism, and also attempts to analyze research and theories pertaining to bilingualism.Research has revealed that the practice of bilingualism is beneficial in the following ways.➜ A bilingual individual's brain has two active language systems which work simultaneously without hindering the performance of other.Thus, ensuring that the brain is always exercising both its linguistically oriented cognitive functions.➜ Bilinguals are also able to conjure multiple phrases or words for each idea and object.


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