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While the results in Ga As are interesting as a proof of concept, Ga As solar cells are not currently made on the production scale for terrestrial photovoltaic applications.

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While our calculations show that Auger-limited cells give efficiency increases of up to 3% absolute, we also find that current amorphous silicion-crystalline silicon heterojunction with intrinsic thin layer (HIT) cells give significant efficiency gains with angle restriction of up to 1% absolute.

Thus, angle restriction has the potential for unprecedented one sun efficiencies in Ga As, but also may be applicable to current silicon solar cell technology.

An experimental study of the specific contact resistivity of indium contacts to n-Cd Te is made to investigate the defect structure and the effect of such native defects on the ohmic contact to n-Cd Te.

Periodic nano and polymers happen to be a plasmonic nanostructured organic solar panels and.

Finally, we consider spectrum splitting, where optics direct light in different wavelength bands to solar cells with band gaps tuned to those wavelengths.

This approach has the potential for very high efficiencies, and excellent annual power production.

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