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Although, many kids feel like they have to be a part of it but there are many resources out in this world to prevent them from believing so....

[tags: Gang Violence Essays] - Gang violence is a major problem in our society today.

An author suggests that the growth of gang violence offers major implications for the development of public policy and strategies that address the root causes of such behavior.

Even further but perhaps far less achievable is an authors suggestion that gang members be encouraged to participate in family and group oriented therapy, the purpose of which would be to assist members in developing loyalty and survival skills outside of gang membership as well as in determining the fundamental motives for their gang involvement.

Street gangs and the accompanying incidence of gang violence is not a phenomenon that is confined to the nation’s inner cities, minority classes or the male gender.

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According to the research conducted by an author, although gang organizations exist predominantly in large cities, the incidence of gang behavior can also be found in suburban areas with much smaller populations.If nothing is done soon, gang violence could take place in our neighborhoods.MW Klein, a gang researcher, says that gangs are an aggregation of youths who perceive themselves as distinct, and that are viewed as distinct by the community.[tags: Gang, Crime, Illegal drug trade, Bloods] - Gang violence and murder are two factors that contribute to the delinquency that develops in young boys and girls.Violence is seen among juvenile delinquency, where teenagers are victims of violence that exists around their neighborhood or violent acts their peers around them commit.The random nature of gang violence presents a similar risk of death or injury to individuals that have no association with gang related activity.An author proposes that the mass media of television and music play a significant role in sensationalizing gang behavior and in contributing to the scope of participation across society.According to the researchers, gangs can be categorized as social, delinquent or violent.Unlike the first two, violent gangs demonstrate the clear objective of gaining power and satisfaction through violence.Similarly, gang behavior crosses ethnic barriers and has been demonstrated by members of African-American, Asiatic, European and Hispanic origin.In the context of gender, most gangs are made up of young males however some gangs allow young females to have limited participation and an even smaller number are entirely female dominated.


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