Thesis On Stress Analysis

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Shell theory for domes, rings and wall interactions is introduced to facilitate a comparison between theory and FEA for the dome-ring-wall problem.

Finally, a finite element buckling analysis is presented for a non-hemispherical, truncated dome with a tower. The finite element analysis process was found to be very accurate when compared with shell theory results and more powerful when complicated problems were presented.

The analysis cantrace the load-deflection response up to collapse includingsnap-through behaviours.

The program allows for the yielding ofsteel and the cracking and crushing of concrete.

A new tool has been developed with Aurora Flight Sciences to automate stress analysis of beams under loading.

It is a Microsoft Excel based tool to be consistent with Aurora's other analysis tools and analyst preference, and is coded in Visual Basic.The elastic buckling loads obtained for plates with andwithout openings and under different edge loading conditions havebeen compared with the analytical and numerical results obtained byother investigators using different techniques of analyses.Goodcorrelation between the results obtained and those given by othershas been achieved.Theprogram has been tested against experimental and numerical resultsobatined by other investigators and has been shown to give goodagreement.The accuracy of a number of integration rules usually adopted innonlinear finite elecent analyses to evaluate the stress resultantsfrom the stress distribution throughout concrete sections has beeninvestigated.It features ten chapters, figures and tables discussing the history of thin-shell and Monolithic Domes, shell theory, finite element analysis, comparisons of shell theories and a buckling analysis.Figure 9-14 from thesis: Controlling Buckling Eigenvalue λ = 141 for 101.5 ft.Improvements in the accuracy of the results andthe efficiency of the analysis for plates with openings have beenachieved.The second program is for the full range analysis of steel platesand reinforced concrete slabs up to collapse. The behaviour of steel plates and reinforced concrete slabs whichundergo large deflections has been investigated using the finiteelement method.Geometric and material nonlinearities are bothconsidered in the study.


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