Thesis On Procurement In Ghana

Thesis On Procurement In Ghana-17
European Journal of Business and Management, 6(3), 56-61.

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Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 213, 314-320.

The Aspects of Performance Measurement in Public Sector Organization.

Survey response rate levels and trends in organizational research.

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Reliability and validity of qualitative and operational research paradigm. The strategic importance of supplier relationships in the automotive industry.

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Exploring differences in the American states’ procurement practices.

Applied multiple regression/correlation analysis for the behavioral sciences.

Multiple Linear Regression Analysis was used to estimate the relationship between the dependent and independent variables, and provide a means of objectivity in assessing the degree and nature of the relationship between the dependent and independent variables..

This was quite a significant influence and therefore the study recommended adoption of this procurement practices in all procurement processes in the entire public sector so has to enhance performance and delivery of service.


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