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New dissertations and theses are regularly added to the OSU Library Catalog which the select lists, updated less frequently, may not include. Blurred Lines: Musical Expertise in the History of American Copyright Litigation / by Katherine M.

Full text release has been delayed at the author's request until August 07, 2018.

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In describing this process, I draw parallels between the music work I have composed during 2013-2017 and the process of thesis writing.

Along the way, I show how quantization is not only central to my composition practice but fundamental to the act of composing; I rethink the basic epistemological principles of Ph D research, using John Cage's ideology of chance and Arthur Koestler's idea of bisociation; I develop a new set of categories for classifying artworks that use combinatorics, under the umbrella neologism 'completism'; expand upon James Tenney's ideas to create a new typology of musical form based on completist principles; and finish by composing the bibliography, font, page-layout, semantics, word choice, and syntax of the Conclusion of this thesis.

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