Thesis Myocardial Infarction

Thesis Myocardial Infarction-55
In the event of no breathing ask someone to call 911 and begin CPR immediately. The solution of a heart attack is to immediately go to the emergency room and admit them fast!A special machine called an ECG (electrocardiogram) monitors the tracing of the heart.Women also report more numerous symptoms compared with men .

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They stick IV for medications and fluids to help the pain.

The outcome determines the amount and location of the damaged area.

These symptoms are likely induced by a massive surge of catecholamines from the sympathetic nervous system which occurs in response to pain and the hemodynamic abnormalities that result from cardiac dysfunction.

Loss of consciousness and sudden death can occur in MIs.

Other conditions of myocardial Another fatal cause is ventricular fibrillation.

This is your last breathe within the first few hours of the heart attack.

In many cases, in some estimates as high as 64%, the person does not have chest pain or other symptoms. Important risk factors are previous cardiovascular disease, old age, tobacco smoking, high blood levels of certain lipids and low levels of high density lipoprotein cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, lack of physical activity, obesity, chronic kidney disease, excessive alcohol consumption, and the use of cocaine and amphetamines.

The onset of symptoms in myocardial infarction is usually gradual, over several minutes, and rarely instantaneous.

Chest pain is the most common symptom of acute MI and is often described as a sensation of tightness, pressure, or squeezing.

Chest pain due to ischemia of the heart muscle is termed angina pectoris.


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