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When you finish your Masters program, there are going to be 50 or 100 or 1000 people worldwide with an identical degree and all looking for jobs at the same time. Work experience in your field goes much further than either grades or your thesis topic.[In the same vein but unrelated to Masters topics, do not start applying for jobs when you need them.

Everyone is applying for jobs as soon as they are awarded their degree, so start contacting employers several months ahead so they know who you are.

Don’t overextend with scope, funding, or time commitment.

You want to make an impact, but if you spend 5 years on your Masters then you are sure to be disappointed when no one notices or cares.

A Masters thesis is not a professional standard, it is a competency test. You probably aren’t thinking beyond the completion of your degree, but you should be.

What do you need to actually be successful in your field?Rather than re-invent the wheel, choose something that is easy data where there is an established path.Your role is to push it forward or in a new direction. Graduate programs are not simply continuations of undergraduate degrees, but an introduction into academia- it is a process of acculturation.Undergraduate degrees open you to a range of potential jobs; conversely, graduate degrees put you on a specific track.Simply helping or being in the acknowledgements isn’t enough- put in the time to be a co-author. If your research is good enough and your grades aren’t tragic, then you have nothing to worry about.It is stressful and adds work to your busy schedule, but how do you think it looks when two CVs are side by side and one has “student experience working on a government project” and the other “co-authored a report submitted to the Ministry of Culture.”Here is a big secret: No one from this point forward will really care about grades. Your time is better spent getting work experience and a B than having no work experience and an A.How did they rise so quickly through the academic ranks?They are brilliant minds to be sure, but they also took the smart approach to their degrees.Speak to your supervisor about writing it as an article and then you can get free feedback throughout the thesis writing process.Are jobs looking for people who can write technical reports? Find ways to coauthor reports with your supervisors, or intern or volunteer with jobs that will get your name on reports.


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