Thesis In Teaching English As Foreign Language

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Below is a list of suggested thesis topics contributed by potential supervisors. It is indicative of what topics supervisors from DELP or DEAL thought they would want to offer in the MA in ELT programme.This list should not be treated as a list of titles as the title and the specific focus of the thesis should be the outcome of negotiation between the supervisor and supervisee.Cumpston PDF HERITAGE LANGUAGE MAINTENANCE: A MEXICAN AMERICAN MOTHER’S SUCCESS WITH RAISING BILINGUAL CHILDREN, Maria E.

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Robinson PDF "I am from Epifania and Tomas": an autoethnography and bi-literacy narrative of a Mexican American orchard workers' daughter, Brenda Lorena Aguilar PDF Technology use in young English language learners: a survey of Saudi parents studying in the United States, Hamza Aljunaidalsayed PDF Bilingualism of Arab children in the U.

S.: a survey of parents and teachers, Omnia Alofii PDF College-level ELLs in two English composition courses: the transition from ESL to the mainstream, Andrew J.

PDF “Racism doesn’t exist anymore, so why are we talking about this?

”: An action research proposal of culturally responsive teaching for critical literacy in democratic education, Natalie Marie Giles PDF Stylistic imitation as an English-teaching technique : pre-service teachers’ responses to training and practice, Min Yi Liang PDF Telling stories and contextualizing lived experiences in the Cuban heritage language and culture: an autoethnography about transculturation, Tatiana Senechal PDF “This is the oppressor’s language, yet I need it to talk to you”: a critical examination of translanguaging in Russian speakers at the university level, Nora Vralsted PDF Multimodal Approaches to Literacy and Teaching English as a Foreign Language at the University Level, Ghader Alahmadi PDF Educating Saudi Women through Communicative Language Teaching: A Bi-literacy Narrative and An Autoethnography of a Saudi English Teacher, Eiman Alamri PDF The value of journaling on multimodal materials: a literacy narrative and autoethnography of an experienced Saudi high school English teacher, Ibrahim Alamri PDF Strategic Contemplation as One Saudi Mother’s Way Of Reflecting on Her Children’s Learning Only English in the United States: An Autoethnography and Multiple Case Study of Multilingual Writers at the College Level, Razan Alansari PDF “If you wanted me to speak your language then you should have stayed in your country”: a critical ethnography of linguistic identity and resiliency in the life of an Afghan refugee, Logan M.

The first important decision concerns the subject (major) in which the students wish to write their thesis.

If the subject chosen is English (i.e., a subject area in the MA in ELT programme), the following regulations should be followed.

Semb PDF Non-cognitive factors in second language acquisition and language variety: a single case study of a Saudi male English for academic purposes student in the United States, Nicholas Stephens PDF Teaching English in the Philippines: a diary study of a novice ESL teacher, Jeffrey Lee Svoboda PDF ARABIC RHETORIC: MAIN IDEA, DEVELOPMENT, PARALLELISM, AND WORD REPETITION, Melissa Van De Wege PDF Video games and interactive technology in the ESL classroom, Melody Anderson English as a second language learners and spelling performance in university multilingual writers, Nada Yousef Asiri PDF The communal diary, "...

" (Naljeogi), transformative education, and writing through migrations: a Korean novice ESL teacher's diary and autoethnography, S.

The thesis may be written on any topic relevant to the teaching of English (i.e., ELT methodology, applied linguistics, or areas of English studies focusing on teaching English).

The thesis should demonstrate a systematic approach to analysis, either theoretical or empirical, which reflects a deeper understanding of the language teaching and learning process.


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