Thesis In Enviromental Economics

Thesis In Enviromental Economics-65
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MSc dissertations are up to 20,000 words in length and are submitted on or before an assigned date in August.

The range of topics chosen (and the methodologies applied) by students over the years has been vast.

Anna Montini § The economic cost of environmental impacts on human health § Appraisal of total economic value of environmental goods (specific case study to be defined) § Cost-benefit analysis of new municipal solid waste collection methods (or other case study to be detailed) Roberto Patuelli § Regional social capital and environmental concerns § Balancing transport accessibility and the environment § The double dividend hypothesis in developing countries Corrado Benassi § Income polarization and political polarization § Income distribution and the working of markets § Income distribution and macroeconomic performance § Foundations of inequality and poverty measurement; measurement theory § Optimal population and sustainability § Mixed oligopolies and welfare § Ethical foundations of welfare theories Alessandro Tavoni § Media coverage, public awareness and climate tweets (Empirical) § Identifying drivers of cooperation in the laboratory (Experimental Economics) § Identifying drivers of cooperation in the field (Experimental Economics) § Eliciting climate change views with surveys (Empirical) § The political economy of international environmental agreements (IEA): the interplay between domenstic politics and IEA in coalition formation models (Game Theory) § Evolution of cooperation and common pool resource management (Game Theory) Maria Gabrielli Baldarelli § Eco-justice and gambling: the role of accountability § Women, accounting and SDG § Social, environmental Accounting and poverty § Social , environmental and sustainable Accounting and accountability in Economy of communion entities ***Paolo Figini § The impact of climate change on tourism: a critical review of the literature Evaluating environmental goods: a critical review of different methodologies § How to use Big Data in economic research: a critical review of the recent literature.

§ The impact of tourism in the European economy: the tourism satellite accounts for the EU countries § Should we talk about the weather?

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EPA's National Center for Environmental Economics (NCEE) publishes a working paper series on research in environmental economics.

§ Coalition Formation and International Agreements under Climate Change: The Role of Adaptation, Geoengineering, and Solar Radiation Management.

§ The UN Sustainable Development Goals in the Context of Sustainability Measurement through Genuine Savings or Comprehensive Wealth Konstantinos Chalvatzis § Regulating Energy Innovation: Comparative policies for energy storage and smart grid technologies in EU countries (particular focus on the UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Greece) § The EU single energy market and the role of the EU policies in enabling innovation in the energy sector (focus on energy storage and smart-grid technologies) § From energy consumer to energy prosumer: transforming the EU citizens Melania D’Angelosante § The EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS) § Waste (management) as a resource § The environmental liability directive Roberto Dieci § Agent-Based models for resource economics and management § Dynamic models in agricultural and resource economics § Mathematical modeling of emission markets § Mathematical modeling of agricultural price fluctuations § Mathematical models of tipping points and application to environmental economics and policy Luca Fanelli § The econometrics of climate change (review level) § Shocks identification in applied macroeconomics (intermediate/advanced level) § The identification and measurement of oil shocks (advanced level).

Some have been published as peer-reviewed academic journal articles and a few have even become books.

Your topic will be chosen in consultation with your Programme Director.


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