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Nazenin did a great job in this thesis to bring new insight to the examination of piezoelectric energy harvesting potential.

However, one major concern for WSN technologies is the short lifetime and high maintenance cost due to the limited battery energy.

One of the solutions is to scavenge ambient energy, which is then rectified to power the WSN.

Energy harvesters are designed to capture ambient power and convert it into usable electricity.

In my study I aim to use piezoelectric materials to harvest energy from human motions.

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The objective of this thesis was to investigate the feasibility of an ultra-low energy consumption power management system suitable for harvesting sub-m W photovoltaic and thermoelectric energy to power WSNs.

To achieve this goal, energy harvesting system architectures have been analyzed.

especially when it involves energy harvesting research using one of our packaged piezos.

I recently received Nazenin Gure's thesis that I wanted to share because it's the most thorough I've seen yet related to piezoelectric energy harvesting.


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