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Unplanned admissions occur after 10% procedures secondary to complications and pain (Chandio et al., 2017).

This study aimed to identify whether pain was an early indicator of post-procedural sepsis, permitting earlier treatment to reduce morbidity.

In this simulation, the computational cost is one of the main concern.

To tackle this issue, a choice of the time-step criterion is crucial.

To successfully do this required identifying these patients, from patients who experienced a lot of pain postoperatively but did not develop ...

Soulsby, Rachel As the title suggests, this MPhil thesis is separated into two research topics.

In this thesis we utilise a physically motivated model of pulse emission, tha...

Amaral-Rogers, Alexander We focus on families of hyperbolic attractors for diffeomorphisms of the solid surface of genus two which admit the structure of a substitution tiling space for a substitution of constant length.

The first topic is based in the field of superfluid helium droplet science, and explores mass spectrometry of conjugated molecules in superfluid helium droplets.

Recent observations have suggested conjugated molecules behave very differently to other molecules upon electron ionization in the helium droplet environment.


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