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Unless a person believes the gospel of God’s grace, the person will forever be unfulfilled.As sinners, we need to see our lost and sinful condition before a Holy God.To be sure, even when we study the history of the individual and the nature of man, we always see a divine spark in his breast, an enthusiasm for the Good, a striving for perception, a longing for truth—but the sparks of the eternal are smothered by the flame of lust.

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Now if God does not exist and humankind has not achieved utopia, it seems reasonable that man must save himself.

So, it is no wonder that a passionate person like Karl Marx would seek to elevate the human race to a new stage of human development and prosperity.

We might admire the virtues of Jesus; we might praise the kindness of Jesus to the multitude; we might be attracted to His moral teachings, and we might wish politically that Jesus were King of the world.

This all might be true of us, but none of these thoughts would cause us to be one of the redeemed.

His youthful training had left him ill-prepared for the onslaught of skepticism that he encountered during his university years.

Karl Marx traveled down the road from "Only He can save us" to "Religion is the opium of the people." Yet, this road is traveled by many who have been raised in Christian families and taught in our Sunday School.

The light and trendy sermons that are preached from our pulpits each Sunday morning don’t equip our youth for the university’s intellectual battleground.

Sure, the congregation’s good attendance and kind words may give the pastor a sense of success.

Or irrationality is the existence of God." His point was that all arguments for God’s existence are logically incoherence; and, therefore, all arguments for God’s existence depend upon irrationality.

If all arguments for God’s existence were true and were dependent upon irrationality, then it follows, Q. D., that irrationality is ultimately the ground and proof of God’s existence.


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