Thesis Binding Southampton

Written work will be supported by the reading of related texts.

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Offered in conjunction with the "Writers Speak" lecture series.

Students will attend the regular series of readings sponsored by the Creative Writing program and meet at weekly intervals under the direction of a faculty advisor to discuss and write about topics raised in the lecture series, as well as issues generated from seminar discussions and assigned readings.

Topics have included Advanced Playwriting Workshop, Independent Film Screenwriting, Feature Film Screenwriting, Fiction into Film, and Advanced Scriptwriting Workshop.

This course is offered in conjunction with the MFA in Theatre and Film. Two or more of the following special topic writing and literature seminars (8 Credits)* CWL 560 - Topics in Literature for Writers, 4 credits.

CWL 520 - Forms of Poetry, 4 credits Regular submission, discussion, and analysis of students’ work in one or more areas of Poetry.

Topics have included Powers of Poetry, Metaphor: The Poem As Object, Verse & Meter, Poetry and Poetics, Refined Challenges: Writing New Poems by Imitation, Poetry for Non-Poets, and Contemporary Forms of Poetry.Six or more of the following writing workshops (24 Credits): Students select a minimum of six writing workshops from the following for a total of 24 credits.Individual courses under each category will be labeled according to the content of the course.Although courses may be repeated for credit, students are strongly encouraged to experiment among the disciplines.CWL 510 - Forms of Fiction, 4 credits Regular submission, discussion, and analysis of students’ work in one or more areas of fiction.A seminar for writers concentrating on one area of literary study, to be announced in the course schedule.The course may examine a contemporary or historical trend in literature, the rise of a specific genre, a social issue expressed in literature, an issue in literary theory, or any other topic of relevance and concern to students of writing. Topics have included Contemporary Fiction for Writers, Contemporary Poetry for Writers, the Russian Novel and Contemporary Fiction, Literature by Women, Southern Renaissance, French Literature, Children’s Literature, Theory and Criticism for Writers, Classic Plots, and Topics in American Humor. A seminar concentrating on a specific topic or concern in writing.Students will examine relevant works that illustrate point of view, character development, dialogue, plot, setting, theme, motif, and other aspects of fiction.Topics have included Short Story, Novel, Novella, Beginning the Novel, Advancing the Novel, Writing Everything, Fiction Writing, Children’s Literature, The Popular Novel, and The Comic Novel.Academic Requirements | Academic Regulations | Thesis The MFA in Writing and Literature degree requires 46 credit hours, 40 of course work and a six-credit thesis.Here is how credits are distributed: Required Introduction to the MFA Program (4 Credits) CWL 500 - Introduction to Graduate Writing, 4 credits A seminar that introduces students to one another, to the faculty, to the program in Creative Writing and Literature, and to issues in contemporary writing.


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