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Electric motors are also more quiet than combustion engines, hence a vehicle with an electric motor emits less noise in cities.Hybrids, or electric vehicles, can also regenerate when braking the vehicle, which reduces the fuel consumption and is more economical.The tests are done with an on time of 2 seconds, with this time cycle the bond wires are the part most likely to be the cause of failure.

Electric motors are also more quiet than combustion engines, hence a vehicle with an electric motor emits less noise in cities.

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Samer Shisha, and my supervisor in Chalmers, professor Torbjörn Thiringer, for their support and guidance during the project.

Furthermore I would like to thank the employees at Scania who have given me advices and ideas during the work.

Keywords: Power electronics, IGBT, Diode, Active power cycling, Vehicle, Hybrid Acknowledgement The work of this thesis has been performed at Scania in Södertälje.

First, I want to thank my supervisor at Scania, Dr.

The reason for not having several curves with different mean temperatures for IGBTs respectively diodes is time limit.

Test equipment can not handle more current than the rated current of the IGBT-module.Except from greenhouse gases, fossil fuel emissions have other effects on human health, which may lead to cancer and heart- and lung-dieses [2]. Hybrid and/or electric vehicles are a way to reduce these negative factors on human health, for example a bus which charge the batteries when breaking for a bus stop reduces the noise pollution as well as the air pollution Challange description Also truck and bus companies are now looking into hybridisation and electrification of their vehicles.Since this is a relatively new technology for the industry, the electrical components needs to be tested in order to ensure reliability.Lastly, I give my thanks to my family and friends who have supported me during the work of the thesis as well as during the rest of my studies. Introduction Background Challange description Aim Scope Theory Pn junction The Chips IGBT chip Power diode chip PE module Literature study Power cycling What parameters have effect on lifetime Temperature increase of a PE module Failure of IGBT-module Definition Bond wire Solder layers Other failures Differences between diode and IGBT chips Statistical analysis Temperature measurement Temperature increase Test set up Electric circuit scheme Water cooling Switching Test conditions Result of test Sample preparation vii Symbols and abbreviations AC - Altering current BJT - Bipolar transistor DBC - Direct bonded copper DC - Direct current GTO - Gate turn off thyristor IGBT - Insulated gate bipolar transistor MOSFET - Metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor PE - Power electronic ix 1. Background The need for environmental friendly energy is increasing since the temperature on earth is increasing due to greenhouse gases [1].Martin Strängberg, Södertälje 2014 Table of Contents Abstract... The transportation sector uses large quantities of energy every year, most vehicles are using fossil fuel, for trucks and buses, diesel is the most common fuel.Since fossil fuels produce greenhouse gases, many companies within the transportation industry focus on introducing electric motors in their vehicles, either as hybrid or as fully electric vehicles.Electric motors are in general more efficient than combustion engines and the electricity could be produced from sources with very low CO 2 -pollution.For the highest temperature swing, of both the diode and the IGBT, the result is as expected when compared to the manufacturers lifetime curve.For the other temperature swings the lifetime is longer than expected.The power electronic modules have both IGBT chips and diode chips, the diode chips are anti parallel to the IGBT chips and are used for AC-DC conversion. Knowing the approximate lifetime is important when dimensioning the electrical drivetrain.Also the industry needs to establish test methods for this new application area of power electronics, ensuring the components to have the expected reliability and quality Aim The purpose of the thesis is to analyze the reliability of power electronics for heavy hybrid vehicles.


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