Therapeutic Proteins Research Paper

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These tools can target different levels in biosynthetic processes and allow multilevel modifications of yeast host strains to improve the quality and yield of recombinant proteins.

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The traditional baker's yeast is one of the best-characterized eukaryotes and most widely used host systems for biopharmaceutical production since the early days of genetic engineering and recombinant protein production (Martinez ., 2013), facilitating functional genomics analysis based on various ‘omics’ techniques.

Systems biology-based integrated functional genomics could provide a deeper, more holistic understanding of yeast biology, which can help identify potential limitations in protein production on a global scale.

The recombinant hepatitis B vaccine produced in the nonconventional yeast -produced hepatitis B virus S antigen (Hbs Ag) was found to be assembled into yeast-derived lipid membranes.

Previous studies have indicated that this lipoprotein particle structure is essential for the antigenicity of the HBs Ag (Rutgers was approved by the FDA in 2009, and several others are undergoing evaluation in clinical trials (Walsh 2010a).

Yeasts are capable of robust growth on simple media, readily accommodate genetic modifications, and incorporate typical eukaryotic post-translational modifications.

have gained increasing attention as alternative hosts for the industrial production of recombinant proteins.

Thus, well-characterized constitutive or inducible promoters with strong transcriptional activity are generally used to achieve overproduction of recombinant proteins.

The well-characterized and strong constitutive ., 2010).

In this review, we address the established and emerging genetic tools and host strains suitable for recombinant protein production in various yeast expression systems, particularly focusing on current efforts toward synthetic biology approaches in developing yeast cell factories for the production of therapeutic recombinant proteins.

Yeasts have been used for thousands of years in food and fermentation processes to produce alcoholic beverages and breads.


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