Their Eyes Were Watching God Essays

He satisfies her desire for love, and she experiences true happiness for the first time.

With Tea Cake, Janie is no longer the possession that she was to Joe, and the love that she feels is not based solely on security and protection.

It also explores Janie's feelings and desires about love, a theme that continues throughout the novel.

The second unit serves as an interlude where readers learn Nanny's story as well as Janie's loss of childhood after her marriage to Logan Killicks.

It is possible that Hurston chose to tell the story within a framework to give Janie a voice in the novel.

Had Hurston relied solely on a third person narrative, Janie would have had no voice.

Nanny's history proves noteworthy as it reinforces her hopes for Janie.

Nanny does not want Janie to repeat the mistakes of her mother.

She wants Janie to live a secure and comfortable life. Perhaps that is because Nanny has never experienced the kind of love that Janie desires.

This unit also emphasizes Nanny's protective love for Janie.


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