The Veil In Persepolis Essays

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She knows about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, about Communism in Cuba, the American conflict in Vietnam, and about famous Iranian revolutionaries like Frezai, Fatemi, and Ashraf.

Her favorite book, however, is a comic book entitled "Dialectic Materialism." In the book, there are captions of Marx and Descartes conversing.

She is angry and looks rebellious and her picture is published in European newspapers.

It is also published in a magazine in Iran and this is a scary thing.

Other children laugh at her and her teacher calls her parents in to the school to discuss this. As they are walking home, they ask her what she wants to be when she grows up.

To herself, she thinks that she will be a prophet, but she tells them that she wants to be a doctor. God is confused at her choice to be a doctor, but she tells him that she will be a prophet but that no one can know.

She is on the far left of the picture and is partly left out of the frame so that she is only partially visible.

She says that in 1980, it becomes obligatory for girls to wear the veil at school.

The author notes that, in the book and in her visions, God and Marx look very similar, since they both have long white beards. He asks her if she still wants to be a prophet and she tells God to talk about something else.

He changes the subject and tells her the weather will be nice the next day.


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