The Red Room By Hg Wells Essay

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“But if you go to the Red Room to-night—” “This night of all nights! “—You go alone.” “Very well,” I answered, shortly, “and which way do I go? ” said the man with the shade, looking at me again for the third time with that queer, unnatural tilting of the face. As I did so, the old man with the shade rose and staggered round the table, so as to be closer to the others and to the fire.

” “You go along the passage for a bit,” said he, nodding his head on his shoulder at the door, “until you come to a spiral staircase; and on the second landing is a door covered with green baize. At the door I turned and looked at them, and saw they were all close together, dark against the firelight, staring at me over their shoulders, with an intent expression on their ancient faces. “It’s your own choosing,” said the man with the withered arm.

And that night, perhaps, I was in the mood for uncomfortable impressions.

I resolved to get away from their vague fore-shadowings of the evil things upstairs.

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