The Kite Runner Essay Thesis

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The second visit to the pomegranate tree occurs after Hassan has been raped and this time Amir shouts the word ‘coward’ at Hassan and throws the fruit at him causing it to fall apart.

Here Amir is really angry at himself for not intervening in the rape, he believes that if he makes Hassan hurt him it will make up for not stopping Assef.

Here we see the two boys as equals, they are both rulers of all they purvey.

More importantly they are sharing that land too which shows them in a strong partnership together.

This is a phrase Hassan once used with Amir, to show Amir the level of his devotion.

Amir has now learnt how strong the bond is between himself and his old friend.He repeats this phrase to his nephew but it is also a promise to Hassan that he will raise his son properly.The kite is the tool that will bond Amir and Sohrab and will keep alive the tie between Amir and Hassan.The pomegranate’s physical disintegration becomes a metaphor for the break-up of the two boys as their friendship dissolves in that one moment.Finally we see the pomegranate tree when Amir returns to Kabul and is aware that Hassan is dead and he must rescue Sohrab.At the kite tournament they must work as a seamless, synchronised team to defeat the other players. ” Amir’s word choice of ‘we’ shows him publicly admitting that he and Hassan are together and united. The kite is later seen to separate the boys though and comes to represent Amir’s guilt. He sees the kite as his and Amir’s prize for winning the tournament and tells Assef this.It is this symbiotic nature between the boys that allows them to win. When he returns with the kite Amir doesn’t see it as a symbol of their victory but rather a reminder of what Hassan has gone through and his own guilt at not intervening. This time it is again used to reinforce the theme of loyalty and friendship.He returns to the tree to find it still labelled with the words he and Hassan carved into it twenty-six years before.This tells us that although the tree and Hassan are dead, the survival of the engraving shows their relationship is still alive as Amir has found a way to redeem himself.Amir and Sohrab are flying kites together in the park.Amir tells Sohrab he will run him a kite, and that he would do this “a thousand times over”.


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