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By the end of the film Claire reached such a deep level within each herself that her open area became her biggest square and she greatly reduced the size of her hidden and unknown area.“Why are you being so nice to me”, Allison asked Claire while she was doing her makeup.It all changed once Claire learned the hardships of the other kids.

It is evident that he craved social attention, which led him to create a false world for himself.

This could be due to the fact that he came from a home of neglect and abuse.

This is exemplified when he says, “If I lose my temper you’re totaled, man” to Bender.

Just from his tone of voice and body language towards Bender you could tell he was trying to be tough.

It is evident that she thought she was superior to the rest of the students.

Her tone of voice when she communicated with the others made it sound like she talked down to them.Throughout the day in detention, the teenagers opened up in a way they never thought was possible.Each character thought that they were different, but they all had something in common, being a teenager.It started off with a small open area and a very large hidden area.After developing a little trust in his peers, he gradually increased his open area and slowly decreased his unknown area. On the outside, she was perceived to be a rich daddy’s girl that got everything in life handed to her on a silver platter.This showed that before detention, being nice to Allison was something Claire would of never done.Claire learned how to communicate better with peers she originally was not comfortable with.They believe that it is not something that needs work and are usually unaware of what it takes to deliver a clear idea or message.However, communication is a skill that can be improved on by practicing and learning to master it so that a person is able to clearly express their thoughts.In The Breakfast Club, a film production by John Hughes, the characters of the film did not communicate, which led them to make assumptions about one another that turned out to be false.Every person believed that his or her problems were the worst.


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