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I might decide not to take it, but it would bring me great comfort to know that it is available.The legislation only provides the option to a terminally ill person who has six months or less to live, who personally requests the medication from two doctors and is found to be of sound mind and is acting independently.Some designs offer you the flexibility to customize an area of the airport using different options included with the airport.

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Buy tickets online here or use cash or credit at the door.POOR BOYS SUMMER VACATION “My First guitar partner was a full-blood Sarcee native boy from Calgary. They would kind of terrorize Calgary going to parties they were not invited to. When I needed things they’d appear.“ CHINATOWN AND THE NEW DELHI Fresh to Vancouver, The Shades stayed at the Astoria, played at an Italian bistro upstairs south side Hastings near Main. One of the first rules of playing is that you make friends with the cook. Also, Chinatown was an attraction because of the food. That’s the way we got the club.“ ON TOUR In praise of Tommie Melton, Chong describes his band mate as the push behind the band tours. Joe Jackson and Bobby brought me the contract to review because I was the only non-black guy that they knew. Berry Gordy said, ‘Bobby why don’t you help produce the first album? Bobby went on his own; he got Smokey [Robinson] and they wrote some songs for Bobby. The manager Johnny Bristol told me if I left the gig I’d be fired. I told Berry at the time I didn’t see any future cause when I got fired we were right in the middle of a gig. I paid their wages for years and made sure they got paid. The universe was saying ‘there are better things for you.’ So that was when I got out of music.” THE SHANGHAI JUNK In 1969, Chong set up at The Shanghai Junk on the northeast corner of Pender and Main, owned by Jimmy Yuen, a ‘colourful guy’. He copped a plea to prevent his wife Shelby and son Paris from being prosecuted for ‘selling bongs’. They were looking for some kind of diversion so people would take their minds off the Iraqi war. He’s one of the best standup comedians I’ve ever met that never got onstage. He saw how devoted I was to the writing craft and he liked that. The comedy duo are working with , the first in over 20 years. Get into fights.” They were ousted from town by the mayor & the Chief of police. And leave for the Christmas holidays.” FIRST JOINT By this time he’d been given his first joint by bass player Raymond Ma, at the Flat Five, the only after-hours club in Calgary that had live jazz music. Because they were black, they had to eat in the kitchen and not talk to the waitresses. Then came a gig at the New Delhi (544 Main @ Keefer) owned by Leo. You could feed an army on .” The Calgary Shades became Little Daddy and the Bachelors and won a contest once in Vancouver and part of the prize was a recording. That attracted the pimps and that was the whole culture and that was our crowd when we played at night: the pimps and the hookers.” DIY RUN YOUR OWN VENUE A firm believer in DIY, Tommy & company ran a total of four venues (Blues Palace, T-Cabaret, Elegant Parlour, Shanghai Junk) in Vancouver. An injury had prevented Melton from a pro-football career. They phoned Bobby looking for a drummer and Bobby said, ‘I can play drums,’ so Bobby became our drummer. When I went back to the gig, Johnny Bristol said, ‘I told you if you left you were fired’. All they had to say is, ‘Well, if he’s not playing we’re not playing.’ I had to stand there and watch every one of them turn their back on me. Tommy knew his daughter Jeannie and son Fred who actually built the club. It was a pre-emptive strike on the hippies so we couldn’t protest the war and bring attention to the fact of how illegal and how much bullshit it was. I steered him in that direction.” TOMMY CHONG TODAY A pro-pot activist, Chong has spoken out publicly in support of jailed pot advocate Marc Emery, who is completing a five-year US jail term for ‘selling seeds.’ The BC Marijuana Party confirms his release date is July 9, 2014 and that both Marc and his wife Jodie will be supporting the Liberal Party in the next federal election. When you do pot, the cancer cells get so stoned, they forget why they’re there and they just disappear.” As for BC bud, his answer comes as no surprise “THE BEST…EVER.“ Chong lives in LA with his wife Shelby, who is a comedienne and works with Tommy on stage. You can view our detailed season schedule and find out more about our games at tcrg.ca/tickets If you want to arrange a group coming (we've hosted bachelor parties, drawing groups, girl guides and more! The reason I created this website is to help fellow die cast airplane collectors answer the following question: How do I display my airplane collection?“My grandfather was originally hired to work on the railroad during that time.That was the only way the Chinese could migrate to Canada.It makes a huge difference when you put a background on your airport. Anyway, take a look around, check out the site and let me know what you think. I have aggressive ovarian cancer that has spread throughout my body.The patient must take the medication herself, but is under no obligation to take it.The qualification requirements in the bill, which is modeled after Oregon’s nearly 20-year-old death-with-dignity law, include verification of the patient’s diagnosis and mental competency by two physicians.


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