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More often, outsourcing has forced companies to dismantle their traditional structures of organizations.

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Through these, India and China have benefited greatly being the most preferred recipients.

As a result, more jobs have been created in Indian and Chinese markets rather than in the American markets (Rosenthal 1).

Most of the outsourcing organizations have created networks of products and service providers specializing in their own distinct area of expertise.

As a result, organizations have greater chances to improve their services through outsourcing since professionals will handle their services effectively (Fan 6).

As a result, many organizations have been able to outsource some of their activities previously carried out locally (Miller 1).

Currently, the increasing prevalence of outsourcing among local and international companies has attracted attention from business stakeholders and academia.According to economic experts, the initiative will not only reduce on their cost, but also improve on their productivity.For example, in the year 2003 Delta Airlines reduced its operating cost by 25 million by outsourcing more than 1000 jobs to Asian countries.It is estimated that organizations spend many resources to recruit, train, and maintain their staff members (Fan 7).Organizations should adopt outsourcing as an alternative to reduce on these costs.For instance, business stakeholders consider outsourcing as a great tool to improve on business efficiency.On the contrary, unions consider outsourcing as a threat to employees’ terms and conditions.According to the current US business survey, most organizations in the US have greatly benefitted from outsourcing.As a result, most business organizations interviewed during the survey were planning to outsource most of their services in the future.Through these initiatives, outsourcing has not only become very useful, but also developed into a complex issue among several organizations.In numerous organizations, outsourcing has opened new platforms for innovation changing on how tasks are done. This paper seeks to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing to business organizations and government institutions.


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