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First, the Medical Board of Australia and the Australian and New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine (ANZSPM) states good medical practice involves medical practitioners: ...Understanding that you do not have a duty to try to prolong life at all cost.

It concludes with a human rights-based analysis of voluntary euthanasia and some commentary on the practice informed by human rights principles.

In Queensland, a person acting in accordance with an advance health directive is ‘not liable for an act or omission to any greater extent than if the act of omission had happened with the principal’s consent.’ New South Wales has not legislated to provide for advance directives.

However, it has developed ‘Using Advance Care Directives’ guidelines on the management of end-of-life decisions, and advance care directives that comply with the requirements of these guidelines are legally binding in NSW, functioning as an ‘extension of the common law right to determine one’s own medical treatment’ (discussed below).

Modern medical technology has led to increasing developments in, and greater availability of, artificial measures to prolong life.

‘Euthanasia’ is often incorrectly characterised as representing one particular kind of practice.


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