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You may be solving your own personal problem, but imagine the pain, suffering, and anguish that your friends, family, and peers go through.

Absent parents, too much sexual freedom, widespread use of drugs and alcohol, too many guns, not enough love, and a world that seems hostile has also been blamed for pushing young people to their deaths. Middle If a teenager begins to lose interest in friends, hobbies, sports, or school, he or she may be losing interest in life.

Long periods of sitting and staring into space or sleeping during the day can be signs of serious depression. When people give away the things that mean the most to them, they may be putting their lives in final order, getting ready for the end. Extreme moodiness and depression can be signs of a meaningless and empty life.

Maybe you even told some of your friends that you were going to do it, and they didn't believe you, thinking it were a joke.

You may have told your friends about your plans, but apparently your parents had no clue as to why you would choose to take your life, but this is the case with most teenage suicides.

A lot of the time the parents don't have any clue that there was anything wrong in their children's lives, and also the teen's friends might have had some kind of clue, but they didn't do anything about it.

Overall, they are left grieving their dead child or friend who took their own life away without any explanation.

When a situation gets bad, do not see suicide as a way out.

Wait it out, and eventually things will get better.

Especially with the recent events in Columbine High School with the suicide murder massacre, we see that this has to come to a stop.

We need to work together to try to prevent suicide from happening.


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