Technology Can Solve Our Environmental Problems

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That means it not only helps the planet, but it also helps equipment operators save significantly on fuel costs. Citizens who see a vehicle idling for longer than the three minutes allowed by city ordinance can report the violation and receive a percentage of the fine levied against the operator.

The goals of this overall system have long included growth and individual comfort and convenience.

As long as those goals remain, technological innovation will drive them over competing considerations such as conservation and community.

As a result, companies can strictly manage fuel consumption, abide by local idling laws, and leave a smaller environmental footprint.

The entire agricultural system relies on bees to pollinate plants.

Io T sensors allow farmers to monitor plants up close at all times.

Sensors can track the weather, humidity, amount of moisture in the soil, and countless other variables affecting production.You’d expect me to be a poster boy for promoting technology to help with our environment. I have a Ph D in physics and helped build an observational satellite orbiting the Earth.I take 16 months to fill a small load of trash from my entire home. As researchers at MIT and the Center of Economic Research at ETH Zurich stated, “long-run energy-saving technological change has increased energy efficiency, which in turn has promoted energy use.Io T devices make those kinds of impactful improvements possible by allowing processes to be monitored in great depth and detail.As companies study the reality of where, when, and how they use resources, they can engineer upgrades throughout. Smart technologies equipped with Io T connectivity can have an even broader impact — they offer applications in all aspects of life, industrial and otherwise.“All governments should have stricter rules for idling on sites,” says Amit Rai, CEO of Machine Max, a wireless telematics company.Using connected devices to monitor when and where an engine is idling brings this problem into view.For instance, if there’s a problem within a hive needing attention, Io T sensors can send a notification.In another application, sensors inside the hive can detect a common parasite blamed for killing bees.We typically don’t associate cutting-edge technology with environmental sustainability.Technology often gets blamed for our current environmental predicament, from internal combustion engines to electronic waste.


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