Team Building Leadership Essay

This statement reflects on the fact that good leadership is a skill that you are not born with, but something that needs to be developed.

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This is mainly because of the team sense of purpose, where everyone is aiming to achieve one single outcome. Meredith Belbin (Management Teams – Why they succeed and fail, 1981) members of a group or team can have many roles associated with each of them that allows for a smooth running group that works well.

Belbin defines a team role as “A tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way”.

I will use first hand experiences from this weekend, along with academic theory and relevant examples.

Colin Powell once stated that “leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible”.

Belbin’s research concluded that there are nine team roles, within a well functioning team, and each of these roles must be played by at least one team member.

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This does of course not mean that each member is limited to one role, or that a team should have nine members to work well.

These behavioural tendencies facilitate the progress of a team, because of the way people with different roles work with each other.

The members of a team know their place in the team, and can benefit the team as a whole by helping to work towards the objectives set.

It simply means that if each of these roles is present within a team, the team will work to a much higher standard overall.

After working through some team exercises with some of my team members, it was clear to me that some of what Belbin’s research suggested was indeed the case.


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