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Educators often use multiple choice tests to save time when grading.

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But now you want to tailor your questions such as to specifically test for example knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis or evaluation; the six educational goals described in Bloom’s taxonomy. I was recently reading a paper on “the memorial consequences of multiple-choice testing” by Marsh et al.

(2007), and while the focus of that paper is clearly elsewhere, they give a very nice example of one question tailored once to test knowledge (Bloom level 1) and once to test application (Bloom level 3).

Giving that option avoids wild guessing and gives you a clearer feedback on whether or not students know (or think they know) the answer.

Makes the data a whole lot easier to interpret for you!

CSS: .photo HTML: My Cat You can also assess critical thinking skills by asking learners to analyze or interpret information from visuals, which are provided as part of the question stem or the answer choices.

In many cases, visuals such as job aids, diagrams and graphs simulate workplace tasks. A third approach to measuring critical or creative thinking is to ask learners to synthesize what they’ve learned into an explanation.

For testing knowledge, they describe asking “What biological term describes an organism’s slow adjustment to new conditions? They give four possible answers: acclimation, gravitation, maturation, and migration.

Then for testing application, they would ask “What biological term describes fish slowly adjusting to water temperature in a new tank?

Higher order thinking goes beyond memorizing and recalling facts and data. Higher-order thinking refers to cognitive processes that involve analytical, critical or creative thinking.

The concept is based on various learning taxonomies.


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