Taking Risks Essay

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It is better to take the risks and discover our abilities and weaknesses instead of hiding behind our fears and wonder for the rest of our lives whether we could have done something or not. Again I must stress that the risks taken should be ‘calculated’ risks.

Only a fool will try to fly an aeroplane without any basic training and awareness of the dangers involved. But if we are to fly we have to be brave enough to take die risks. If we are to learn something, we have to take risks. There would have been no USA today if nobody had dared to venture out and thus discovered the new world.

As the quote explains, taking risks in life is a vital step to success, fulfillment, and gaining more out of experiences.

One reason why Emerson’s quote illustrates a valid idea is that taking risks can lead to success.

Deciding whether or not to take risks in life can be tricky, but as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions.

All life is an experiment.” This quote means that people should take risks in their endeavors, because life is precisely about trying new things and experiences.

There were cases of broken bones and even death resulting from accidents. I am grateful too for the health and fitness gymnastics had given me. We will slow down with age, but that will come on its own good time.

It is great to be able to enjoy what youth has to offer now. Either we use our opportunities or see them vanish forever into the past.

One could say, for example, that the only acceptable risk is one for which the odds of success are greater than the odds of failure.

Another definition of acceptable risk might be a risk that does not harm one's future.


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