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Philosophy and Principles of 3 Martial Arts - Suzanne Main Societies View of a Martial Artist - A Personnel Approach - By Rodney Thistoll The Juche idea - Beryl Pimblott Juche & Ko-Dang - A brief History - Helen Miller The Five Tenets - the soul of Taekwon-Do - Bob Markstein Taekwon-Do : Sport, Art, Science or Philosophy?

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Despite his regular responsibilities he joined us for the most part, meditating alongside with us showing us the way of peace and emptying one’s mind.

Then, during the last 15 minutes something profound happened, something that helped me finally find the words to describe what achieving Black Belt status really means to me. Humble, and stripped-down from any pretentions, that very moment the connection between philosophy and the martial arts, the unification of mind and body and how we can become better persons through the practice of the martial arts became clear, as it was personified in the Grand Master himself. The primary reason of the martial arts is fighting.

- David Lo 2010: Taekwon-Do Patterns in the context of Korean History - Roman Scholl-Latour Older essays Admiral Yi Soon-Sin - Alisdair Hamblyn A Plain English explanation of the ITF Student Oath (with help from Calvin and Hobbes) - Grant Eccles History of Mt Albert Taekwon-Do 1998 - 2001 - Francis Fong History of Southern Clubs - Kris Herbison Korean Culture, An Overview - Mahesh Bhana Reaction Force - Matthew Bates Taekwon-Do in Literature - Haydn Cain The Korean Language - Andrew Niven Translation of the Chang Hon pattern set into Taekwon-Do terminology in Korean, including an English-Korean/Korean-English Taekwon-Do dictionary - Mark Banicevich The History and Development of Taekwon-Do - Krishna Reddy What the heck is Neo-Confucianism?

- Sean Maguire 2015: Breaking Down a Sparring Drill - Chris Broughton The application of the art through observing, practicing and teaching - Stepehen Martin 2014: A Teaching Essay From A Different Perspective - Kishan Mystry 2013: A club based Instructor Development Program - Chanthie Thach A Framework for Building Quality Instruction - Sheryl Chase 2011: Keeping Interest. - Kevin Cale Recruitment and retention of students for Taekwon-Do clubs - Nicola Tse What makes an Outstanding Instructor?But what can possibly teach us what is right and what is wrong, help us achieve balance and become better persons through the practice of the martial arts?Grand Master’s teaching on the mat that day helped me make the connection: Philosophy – with its distinct ability to distinguish between right and wrong and point out the truth – co-existing with proven skills in the martial arts is the key.- Christine Young ITFNZ Grading Syllabus - Neill Livingstone Leaping the Hurdle - overcoming the transition from junior to senior - Anna Hall Marshalling - An essential skill required by all ITFNZ Black Belts - Rebecca Doogan Preparation for Black Belt Grading - Suzzane Main Tips for Grading Preparation - Lousie Chan 2015: Dealing with Asperger’s Syndrome and Taekwon-Do - Juan de Dios Dougnac 2014: What can we learn from National Taekwon-Do Norway?- Brice Valles 2012: Technology in Taekwon-Do - Scott Sutherland Is it ‘Party’ time for ITKD - Rana Moanaroa 2011: Why International Taekwon-Do is the Martial Art of My Choice - Clint King South Island Family Participation in Taekwon-Do - Lorraine Eade NCEA Level 3 Year 13 Physical education - Tim Couling 2009: Community Development in Taekwon-Do - Chanthie Thach Teenagers and Taekwon-Do - Melissa Timperley White to Black in Black & White - Brett Kraiger Older essays Junior's Growth - Mark Trotter ITFNZ - Past, Present And Future - Peter Graham Improving ITFNZ for Juniors in Taekwon-Do - Mark Trotter Japan International Taekwon-Do Federation - the history, management and training style - Kosuke Yamamoto My Personal Journey with Martial Arts - John Matsuoka Nam Wah Pai Kung Fu and beginning Taekwon-Do as a black belt - Devon Pittman On Taekwon-Do in New Zealand and Community Service - Ben Wylie-van Eerd The Laughing Policeman - Shaun Skedwell Taekwon-Do as a stress relief, coping strategy - Rodney Thistoll Taekwon Do, Me and the Thrill of a Challenge - Nikki Galpin The Pressures of Taekwon-Do - Ross Campbell Why People Join Taekwon-Do - Toni Moki Without order there is only chaos - Duncan Head 2013: Sleep - The most important part of training?I never needed anyone to do my homework for me until I got a part-time job in college.Good thing I did my research and chose this website to outsource all the essays.2015: How modern technology can assist learning Taekwon-Do, - Duane Meek events, administration and management Older essays Managing the Books - Barbara Inglis Taekwon-Do Club Structure - Kris Herbison What makes for a successful Taekwon-Do Club - Gwyn Brown Starting and running your own club 2017: Black Belt Gradings - Abridged and updated version - May 2017 2014: Climbing that mountain towards 3rd Degree - Sean Carver 2013: A look at the other side (ITF WTF Grading comparison) - Sean Freeman Call the Marshal - Brett Kimberley Older essays Are you ready for black???- Glenis Gummer Basic Hints for the White Belt Syllabus - Arthur Atutahi Fitness Test - Evan Impson How do Gradings Measure up?- Gary Campbell Jumping Kicks - Daniel Russell Kinematics and kinetics of the Taekwon-Do turning kick - Jake Pearson Side kick Thesis - Ian Campbell Strategies of Attack and Defence - Lawrence Mantijika Taekwon-Do Breaking - Mike Horsfall The Power of One - Greg Dyson 2015: Getting in the Ring - Phil Webb 2014: Umpiring Courses - An alternative approach - Richard Rodgers for conducting i TKD C grade courses Exploring Methods of Maximising Tournament - Carl Robinson Older essays Beginner's guide to tournaments - Darren Andrews Competition Power Breaking - Rene Kunz Compento del Mundo - Ry Goldsmith Guide for Umpires - Darren Ward How to Coach a Winning Team - Grant Eccles My Experience of the National Tournament 2003 in Dunedin - Jonathon Ormsby My Growing Concern - Dan Jackson My thoughts on the World Champs - Lawrence Mantjika Patterns for Tournaments - Thu Thach Psychological Skills Training for Taekwon-Do Competition - Jake Pearson Success of International Competition - Darren Ward Tips for the Novice Coach - Duncan Head Tournament Sparring - Shane Eade Tournament Sparring for the Beginner - Shaun Tolley Tournament Sparring Profiles - Chris Fitzgerald Training for an ITF World Champs and what to expect - Mark Trotter Training for an Overseas Event - Gemma Walton Umpires Sparring Manual - Bruce Harrison Why some Countries did better at World Champs - Daniel Kerr 2013: Tul or not to tul - what’s the point of patterns? Had someone asked me when I begun training what becoming a Black Belt would mean to me I would have probably replied with “the world, of course”!


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