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The agency contributes to alleviating some of the pressures of everyday living helping a diverse group, and targeting those who are most vulnerable, offering a varied support system.To improve the well being of those suffering poverty, deprivation, discrimination and other forms of oppression services including generic/family support, housing support, young carers, farming and rural health, 50 forward, HIV/Aids, and Active 8 are offered.

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Biesteck 1961, (cited in Dominelli, 2002) says confidentiality is a characteristic of the social work profession together with respect and self-determination.

The agency was part of the voluntary sector, located in an area of regeneration, with high levels of deprivation, poverty, and homelessness, being established because there was a recognition that the area was particularly needy due to high levels of unemployment, crime, lone parents, pensioners, poor housing, and people experiencing health and social problems.

I assured them of confidentiality, names have been anonymised, and no reports or confidential documents have been included.

I understand the concept of respecting individuals, and will not disclosure any material that will result in a breach of a person’s integrity.

The origins of systems theory date to the 19th century, and can be found in the thought of both Marx and Darwin.

The immediate antecedent of systems theory comes from the work of biologist Ludwig von Bertalanffy, who developed General System Theory in the 1950s.

The agency has a good working relationship with the Children’s Directorate and other organisations and continues to update it policies and procedures according to new government frameworks and agendas.

The agency works in partnership with children’s centres, schools, social services, health teams, educational welfare teams, housing associations and various others, providing ongoing support and intervention.

At the agency I worked within the Children and Families Team, my role being a Family Support Worker.

Practicing my role, I collaborated with social services, school, and other support networks giving a holistic service to my clients, which was important to achieve positive outcomes (Trevithick, 2000).


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