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[Note that this tells your reader that it's the second paragraph in a series of paragraph relating to the thesis, which in this case would be a thesis related to Lily's gambling on her marriage chances.] 3.A sentence that explains your response or reaction to the work, or that describes why you're talking about a particular part of it, rather than why the paragraph is important to your analysis.Your thesis statement might also gesture toward how your essay will be structured.

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Bad thesis: Lily Bart experiences the constraints of many social conventions in . What does she do with these social conventions, and how does she respond to them? ] Better thesis: Lily Bart seeks to escape from the social conventions of her class in , but her competing desires for a place in Selden's "republic of the spirit" and in the social world of New York cause her to gamble away her chances for a place in either world.

[You could then mention the specific scenes that you will discuss.] 2.

In order to make your essay as strong and clear as possible, you will want to write a very good thesis statement.

Your thesis statement is important because it foreshadows your major argument and sets the stage for the rest of your essay.

Obviously, your statement will look different depending on the nature of the argument you are hoping to make, but these examples should provide you with a good starting point.

Writing an analytic thesis statement for a literature essay requires you to take on a strong and specific stance.

Make sure that your verb choice is accurate, active and clear, and explain precisely what it is you believe your subject does.

The remainder of your essay will be dedicated to providing evidence that supports the view you have described in this thesis statement.

Weak "reaction" topic sentence: I felt that Lily should have known that Bertha Dorset was her enemy.

Stronger "topic-based" topic sentence: Bertha Dorset is first established as Lily's antagonist in the train scene, when she interrupts Lily's conversation with Percy Gryce and reveals that Lily smokes.


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