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My favourite hobby is playing football in spare time.

My hobby is reading whether it is news paper, news, novels, G K book or any knowledgeable book written by any good author.

I always read story books, news paper, magazines, and any other material that I find interesting in my free time.

The one who do not have this habit may possess worldly wealth but he/she would always be poor because of the lack of wealth of true knowledge. Watching TV is my hobby however it never interfere with my study.

The habit of reading books can be acquired at young age by anyone. First I prefer to complete my school home works and study well then I watch TV.After completing my home work at home, I generally spend my lot of free time in playing football.I was so interested to play football from my childhood however started learning to play well when I was 5 years old. My father asked to my class teacher in the PTM about my hobby of football.And my teacher told him that there is a facility of playing sports daily in the school from class 1 so you can admit your child.Now, I really enjoy playing football and participate in the inter-school competitions.Having knowledge about the happenings has become the necessity of the modern society because of huge level of competition.It provides lot of benefits because it improves our knowledge as well gives information maintain our life style.Hobby is something which everyone should have, at least one.If you don’t have a hobby yet, its recommended that you develop one and as soon as possible and see the positive change it brings to your personality.I also watch good cartoons which give me new and creative ideas to make arts and cartoons.My parents appreciate my hobby and they become very happy when they listen all the latest news through me in my voice.


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