Sustainable Development In Essay

In 1992, United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), held in Rio de Janeiro proclaimed certain objectives, known as Agenda 21. All countries should strive to promote sustainable consumption patterns. Developed countries should take the lead in achieving sustainable patterns. Developing countries should seek to achieve sustainable consumption patterns in their development process, guaranteeing the provision of basic needs for the poor, while avoiding those unsustainable patterns, particularly in industrialized coun­tries, generally recognized as unduly hazardous to the environment, inefficient and wasteful, in their development processes.

This requires enhanced technologi­cal and other assistance from industrialized countries.

Not only international development reports, but individuals like Barbier (1987), Daly (1989), Pezzy (1989) and Rees (1988) also tried earnestly to develop the idea of sustainability of devel­opment.

Despite difference of opinions among different countries, commissions and international agencies, major objectives of sustainable development can be earmarked very easily: A. Environment and bio-diversity should be preserved for the ultimate future of mankind. Individuals and countries should be integrated to the process of sustainable de­velopment.

This term ‘Sustainable Development’ went through threadbare discussions in different subsequent international summits like, IUCN Report (1980, 1990) and World Commission on Environment and Development (WECD) Report named ‘Our Common Future’ (1987).

This famous Brunt-land Commission, named after the Norwegian Prime Minister Brunt-land, pre­pared a report—Our Common Future.

It prescribed sustainability as the only way out to wipe out the increasing danger visible on the future survival of mankind.

The Earth Summit at Rio de Janeiro (1992) reaffirmed its faith on Sustainable Develop­ment as the long-term strategy for human development.

(e) Participation of the people in the decision-making process.

(f) Diversification of economy to enable the population to select their life-style.


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