Surviving Your Dissertation

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You can pour over the old and the new of your field and string paragraphs together to create intelligent, breath-taking papers of dazzling brilliance. It is highly unlikely that you cannot, at this stage, read, write, and do research. It's a much longer game than you have probably ever played before. Umberto Eco’s 'How to Write a Thesis' (MIT Press, 2015).

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In this article, we won't be regurgitating the well-meaning advice that you have no doubt already heard.

You should familiarise yourself with these as soon as possible.

They don’t exercise, eat terribly, drink heavily, smoke nervously, and so on.

Bobby Fischer, one of the greatest chess players of all time, was all about brain.

Yet he was also keen on exercise: tennis, swimming, running and so on.

And he believed, rightly as science goes, that exercise complemented mental activity and ultimately made him a better player.

Third, the workshop made me realize that a dissertation is not a solitary endeavor but a collective one and that it is my responsibility to get the right people on board.

The session offered advice on how to engage my advisor, committee members, and colleagues in my writing process. Eliana Schonberg, director of the Thompson Writing Studio, and Dr.

I thought that I would be similarly disappointed by the workshop. Second, I learned about strategies that I can employ to face the difficulties of writing a long-term project like the dissertation.

For example, creating writing groups, determining the time of the day I am most productive, and visiting the writing center to receive feedback on my writing are all strategies that can make the writing process easier.


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