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Durkheim gives the importance of sociology far more than being just a tool to fix the world, but it is a lens, through which we see reality as a shared reality, one included of individuals who are determined by their realities.In this introductory chapter he investigates the act of suicide and explores its social roots by examining suicide rates in different social classes and correlating that with the characteristics of the society.(Durkheim, 1970) A differentiation is made between two types of suicide, positive and negative.

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He sees the main problem to be that sociology is mostly constructed on philosophical overviews, and does not answer the exact social questions.

He suggests a methodology that will give the science of sociology strong baselines and real results.

In this case, death comes as a straight product of the action.

A negative act would be the scenario of remaining in a burning house or to refuse eating to the point of hunger.

Durkheim’s collected data suggested that Protestants are more likely to commit suicide than Catholics, due to the fact that Protestants are more idiosyncratic while Catholics are more communitarian (Durkheim, 1951).

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In other words, Catholics tend to have more social support.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.Esquirol wrote that “suicide may be seen to be for us only a phenomenon resulting from many different causes and appearing under many different forms; and it is clear that this phenomenon is not characteristic of a disease”. Durkheim believed that suicide is not an individual act nor a personal achievement.It is produced by some power which is over and above the individual.Durkheim further stated that “man cannot become attached to higher aims and submit to a rule if he sees nothing above him to which he belongs to free him from allsocial pressure is to abandon him to himself and demoralize him” [Durkheim,190].In Durkheim’s “Interdiction To Suicide: A Study in Sociology”, Durkheim expresses his concern in developing the conduct of sociology.Furthermore, suicide rates also tend to be higher during rapid economic changes than in economic crises as rapid economic changes are sudden and difficult to endure. This observation made by Durkheim may suggest that people are required to work harder in such economic times constantly being pushed to their limits in order to keep up with such rapid changes bringing about feelings of despair, restlessness and being under appreciated.According to Durkheim’s research, religion may also have an affect on suicide rates.Durkheim interestingly further observed that suicide rates are higher during times of peace than times of war because during the war people need to be unified in defending their country (Durkheim, 1951).This observation may, therefore, suggest that feelings of patriotism, honour as well as purpose tends to distant an individual from suicide.


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