Sublease Vs Assignment

Sublease Vs Assignment-3
This notice must include the name and address of the potential tenant and the projected date for the assignment or sublet.

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If you are the person subletting to a subtenant, you are still responsible for the lease.

If the subtenant does not pay the rent, you are responsible for paying it.

But there are legal and practical differences between subleases and assignments.

If you transfer just part of your leased space to another tenant while you remain on the property, on a temporary or permanent basis, it’s called a sublease.

When you sublet your apartment, you have the right to return when the sub-lease comes to an end.

But when you sublet, you’re still responsible for the lease and have other responsibilities toward the sub-tenant.

A landlord in this situation can request not only the cancellation of the lease, but also compensation (money) for the harm caused. This article explains in a general way the law that applies in Quebec.

This article is not a legal opinion or legal advice.

By contrast, an assignment occurs when you transfer all your space to someone else (called an assignee) for the entire remaining term of the lease.

As with a sublet, you are free to choose your assignee and determine the rent unless your lease says otherwise.


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