Student Nurse Cover Letters

Now, I want to gain some training and wish to expand my knowledge even further with the help of Healing Hands.

Your organization has always been a source of inspiration for me.

When you start applying for the post of student nurse, make sure that your resume is impressive without any errors and your resume is accompanied with a cover letter.

In your cover letter you have to be precise in stating reasons as to why the employer needs to hire you.

I would request you to go through my attached resume, and give my application letter a thought for this opening.

I have completed a certification course in Nursing and Health Care.If the position requires some evening or weekend hours, tell them how eager you are to begin your career and that you will gladly put in whatever time it takes to get it started. Type it and be sure the name and address are correct and spelled properly.If you choose to use a regular business size envelope, the envelope should match the paper of your letter and resume. Use the same font for the cover letter as you used in your resume.The amount of time the student nurse spends on working in a clinical setting will make him or her even more qualified nurse.However, even before a candidate starts working in a clinical setting, he or she will have to complete all the requirements of the under graduate program.With your ever increasing reputation, technological growth, and progress in the area of cancer care and rehabilitation has always made me want to work with you.From my side, I look forward to bring client care, first aid, CPR, and good nursing care to Healing Hands.That is when I thought that I want to make my career as a student nurse.Today, when I saw the job advertisement in the local newspaper for the position of a student nurse with Healing Hands, I could not stop myself from applying.You should always enclose a cover letter with your resume whether it is mailed out generally or in response to a specifice opening.If you are submitting a nursing application and resume online, the application instructions will tell you if you should submit a cover letter or not. Just as there is no right way to write a resume, so may cover letters differ.


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